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Romney The Relaxed
According to it's tracking number, my new laptop computer has spent… 
27th-Jan-2012 12:02 am
According to it's tracking number, my new laptop computer has spent several days in obscure German towns, but is now suddenly in the outskirts of Birmingham.

All very splendid and clever, but I want it to be on the Isle of Wight please.
27th-Jan-2012 01:15 am (UTC)
Have you moved?
31st-Jan-2012 02:15 pm (UTC)
Reply at your leisure, wouldn't want to put you out old lad
4th-Feb-2012 02:52 am (UTC)

My Mum has lived on the IOW for about 4 years now.

As as result of her now being, alas, terminally ill, along with my being made redundant from HSBC, I'm planning to be with her on the IOW for much of the year, and may well sell-up in London and make the move permanent.

Not planning on looking for any work during 2012, and will probably register as Mum's carer when my notice period ends at the end of May. Meanwhile, they are giving me gardening leave up to that time, so a few months of relative leisure, then a (hopefully reasonable) payout, and a damn good reason for having a hole in my employment record.

May try something completely new, leveraging potential flat-sale money into training/travel/business-setup/whatever. But Mum will increasingly come first as the year progresses and she needs more help.

Enjoying practising cooking skills (conical sieve getting lots of use) using fresh IOW produce. Planning to attend various arts/crafts courses on the Island to explore pent-up artistic ability (or lack thereof) Plus spending the day painting nekked ladies while still being paid by the Bank rather appeals.
6th-Feb-2012 02:19 am (UTC)

Dreadfully sorry to hear about your Mum, I hope you can make her comfortable and make life alittle easier for her.

What's the background to the gardening leave etc? Are you part of a larger number of redundancies?

I stil have my conical sieve, couldn't live without it now.

My news is that, after a year of family issues (the deaths of my niece and favourite great aunt, Dad catching a touch of cancer, Sally's mum being diagnosed with a degenerative illness) we're heading home, back to the snow etc. You do know btw that you're not allowed to paint directly onto necked ladies?
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